Horse Wagering

Winning at horse wagering requires skill. The challenge is to analyze as much information about a horse and weigh the probabilities of how the horse would finish the race - whether first, second or third.

Though luck may, at times, go against you, losses balance out in the long run. Being a consistent winner in horse wagering is not entirely about luck. It's about the bettor's willingness to invest the time and effort to become knowledgeable about the horses he wants to wager on, whether he can weigh all the factors in a cool, objective manner, and whether he adopts a consistent disciplined approach to horse wagering.

The best way to learn about the horse wagering is to jump right in and play. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and in no time you'll develop your own horse wagering system going for you - with a good chance of making a profit!

Step 1: Pick Your Horse

Get the official horse race program at your favorite track. Learning to analyze all the information in a race card can be a complex process. There are no inherently "correct" ways to handicap horses and lifelong racing fans say they learn something new every day.

The race card contains dozens of information, click here to learn how to read a race program or get horse wagering tips.

Step 2: Place Your Wager

For your first wager, we suggest you make a show bet. The minimum wager is usually $2 and you'll be holding a winning ticket if your horse finishes first, second or third.

When you're ready to place your bet, go to any of the horse racing track's betting window and tell to the teller the amount you want to wager, the type of wager you want to make and the number of the horse you want to wager on.

For example, to place a $2 show wager on horse number 2, you'll say "Two Dollars to Show, Number 2".

In return for your $2, the teller will issue a "tote ticket" with details of your wager on it. Before you leave the window, check to be sure your ticket is correct.

You've placed your bet!

Step 3: Cheer Your Horse Home!

The horses go around the track depending on the race distance and finish at "the wire" in front of the clubhouse or the main grandstand. As the race begins, look for your horse and listen to the announcer's call. When your chosen horse reach the home stretch, it's time to give him all you've got: yell, cheer, whistle, stomp - whatever it takes to get him to finish first, second or third!

While you're catching your breath, check the results of the race - they'll be announced, posted on the infield "tote board" and displayed on the video monitors. Within a few moments, the race will be made "official" and payoff prices will be posted. If your horse is officially one of the first three finishers, take your ticket to any teller to collect your winnings.

Odds are you're a winner already. In any case, you can try again with the succeeding race, which is coming right up!

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